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SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Apps Design & Prototyping

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Course Code Description
UX400 openUI5 Development Foundations
UX401 SAP Fiori from Design to Prototype

UX400-openUI5 Development Foundations

  • Foundations of HTML

    • Describe and write HTML5 and CSS code
    • Explore Development Tools
    • Work with Basic HTML-Elements and Semantic Markups
    • Implement User Friendly Web Forms
    • Work with HTML5-Custom Attributes
  • Foundation of CSS

    • Describe CSS-Essentials
    • Work with Pseudoclasses
  • Foundations of JavaScript

    • Understand Object-Oriented (OOP) Programming with JavaScript
    • Explore JavaScript Language Basics
    • Work with Primitive Data Types, Reference Types, and Operators
    • Implement Statements in JavaScript
    • Understand JavaScript-Scopes and Context Execution
    • Understand error handling in JavaScript
    • Explore DOM manipulation concepts of JavaScript
    • Work with events
    • Use http-Requests and AJAX
    • Work with Promises
  • Foundations of jQuery

    • Understand jQuery-Foundation
    • Work with Selectors
    • Understand jQuery Eventing
    • Use Styling and Animation
    • Manipulate the DOM
    • Use AJAX with jQuery
  • OpenUI5 Overview

    • Explain SAP User Experience Strategy
    • Explore Key Enablement Tools for SAP User Experience
    • Describe SAP Fiori in Relation to User Experience
    • Understand OpenUI5 Architecture
    • Explore the Relationship Between OpenUI5 and SAP Fiori
    • Explore the Differences Between OpenUI5 and SAPUI5
  • OpenUI5 Development Options

    • Install the OpenUI5 Eclipse Plugin
    • Set up a HANA Cloud Platform Account
    • Explore the Basics of SAP WEB IDE
  • OpenUI5 Project Basics

    • Develop using the Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
    • Set up a Project
    • Configure and Use Core Elements of OpenUI5
  • Describe OpenUI5 Controls

  • OpenUI5 Application Debugging

    • Use Browser-based Debugging Tools
    • Explore available OpenUI5 Documentation
    • Explore SAP Web IDE Code Assist
  • Use layouts, UI Areas and create Custom Controls
  • Data Handling
  • Explore the model types JSON, XML and Odata
  • Perform Data Binding
  • Perform Property Binding
  • Perform Advanced Binding Techniques
  • Perform Advanced Binding Techniques: Master-Detail
  • Perform OData Query Options
  • Perform Common Data Operations: Format
  • Perform Common Data Operations: Sort and Filter
  • Perform Common Data Operations: Calculated Fields and Data Validation
  • Additional OpenUI5 Development Features, such as working with Resources, building Apps Using Modularization, performing Application Localization, working with Components, using Third-party Libraries, optimizing OpenUI5 Apps and OpenUI5 branding with themes and styles

UX401-SAP Fiori from Design to Prototype

  • SAP UX Strategy
    • Describe the SAP User Experience Strategy
    • Outline the role of SAP Fiori in the SAP User Experience Strategy
    • Explain Design Thinking in relation to SAP User Experience
    • Define the importance of context & scoping regarding to UX
  • Business Case Decisions

    • Describe the elements of UX contributing to a Business Case
    • Explain Enablement versus Renew
    • Outline the Impact and possibilities of Devices
  • User Experience Journey

    • Explain how to gain information of users
    • Describe how to distill the user information
    • Create a story board based on the gained information
  • SAP BUILD LOFI Prototyping

    • Create a LOFI prototype
    • Explain the basics of SAP BUILD
    • Explain how to create low fidelity prototype in BUILD out of a hand-sketched prototype
  • SAP BUILD HIFI Prototyping

    • Explain the Fiori Design Principles and Guidelines for HIFI prototyping
    • Create a BUILD prototype by cloning
    • Create a prototype from scratch with BUILD