SAP Cloud Platform

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Course Code Description
CLD100 Cloud for SAP
CP100 SAP Cloud Platform
C_CP_11 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Cloud Platform

CLD100-Cloud for SAP

  • SAP Cloud Overview

    • Get an introduction to SAP Cloud
    • Explain Landscape Architecture-Relevant Terms
    • Explaining Cloud Security
  • Infrastructure & Database Services in PaaS

    • Get an Introduction of Platform as a Service
    • Perform a Deep Dive into PaaS
    • Explore the PaaS Infrastructure
    • Explain Data and Storage in PaaS
    • Explore Development and IT Operations Services
    • Explore internet of Things (IoT)
    • Explain Mobile Services
    • Use Runtime and Containers
  • Application Development Services in PaaS

    • Introduce SaaS Extensions on PaaS
    • Explain Analytics in PaaS
    • Explain Business Services in PaaS
    • Explain Collaboration in PaaS
    • Explain Integration Services
    • Explain Multi Cloud
    • Explain Security in PaaS
    • Explaining User Experience
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    • Get an Introduction about Software as a Service
    • Explore Core Business Applications
    • Explain Business Services on SAP Platform
    • Use API Business Hub
    • Understand SaaS Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

    • Introduce Infrastructure as a Service
    • Explore Examples of IaaS
    • Perform a Deep Dive into IaaS
    • Learn about Customer References

CP100-SAP Cloud Platform

  • SAP Cloud Platform, Introduction

    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP)
    • Explain Landscape Architecture-Relevant Terms
    • Learn about typical use cases
    • Explore What is in it: Product Capabilities and Services
  • Platform Concepts

    • Understand Basic Platform Concepts
    • Explore Datacenters
    • Understand Security
  • Digital Transformation - Java Development

    • Introduce Digital Transformation, Java Development
    • Explore 12 Factor Microservices
    • Use the Supported Java Development Environment
    • Explain Supported Java Programming Models by CF
    • Operate Java Applications on SAP Cloud Platform NEO
  • Digital Transformation – SAP HANA Development

    • Understand SAP HANA Development
    • Understand the SAP HANA XSA Development on CF
  • Digital Transformation – HTML5/SAPUI5/Fiori Development

    • Introduce HTML5, SAPUI5, and Fiori Development
    • Use SAP UI5
    • Use SAP Fiori
  • Agile Business – Extend Application

    • Introduce Agile Business
    • Understand the Application Frontend
    • x-tend the Application: Backend
    • Explore SAP Cloud Platform Data and Storage Services
  • Enterprise Optimization – Integration Services

    • Introduce Enterprise Optimization, Integration Services
    • Explore Available Integration Services
  • Enterprise Optimization – Process Integration

    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform, Integration Service
    • Implement iFlows
  • Enterprise Optimization – API

    • Explain API Management
    • Build and Publish APIs
  • Internet of Things Services (IoT)

    • Explore the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data and Process Integration

    • Introduce SAP Cloud Platform, integration service
  • Other Interesting Services and Features

    • Explain SAP Cloud Platform SaaS Extensions
    • Explore SAP Cloud Platform Business Services
    • Explain Cloud Platform Data and Storage
    • Understand SAP Cloud Platform Security